Drive business agility with an aligned frontline

Communicate with, align, and train frontline employees on changes in goals, processes, and products with an all-in-one platform.

Adaptive learning and engagement for an adaptive workforce

Remove roadblocks

Encourage employees to embrace new processes and technologies so you can maximize their value.

Stay on top

Ensure employees have the most up-to-date knowledge on products and services to best support your clients.

Stay ready for change

Upskill and develop employees quickly to stay ahead and future-proof your company.

Change focus and behaviors

Drive faster adoption of changes in process, technology or strategy through targeted gamification challenges and competitions. Then, ensure the change sticks by placing higher focus and incentives on the KPIs that tie to desired behaviors and processes as they are being implemented in the field.

Change focus and behaviors

Get everyone aware & updated

Proactively notify employees on new products, unexpected outages, promotions and opportunities on the go or between meetings with short, targeted learning and communication bursts. Then ensure knowledge is retained and applied with targeted microlearning, instant recognition and gamification.

Get everyone aware & updated

Future-proof your frontline

Create fun and easy to consume bite-sized learning activities. Then, offer employees personalized learning paths, for building up knowledge and developing new skills. Learning is searchable, available on-demand, personalized to each employees’ pace and gamified to build engagement and create a culture of continuous learning.

Future-proof your frontline
We are working faster and more efficiently than ever before.
BRIAN SNYDER Regional Director, Cellular Sales

With Centrical Verizon's leading US based retailer, Cellular Sales motivates and focuses its sales staff on the most relevant knowledge and goals, at the right time to ensure they offer clients the most relevant deals

53% Increase in new handset sales
2X More promo and combo sales

Employees can make change happen

Business transformation occurs when all involved embrace new values and then act on them.

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