Make performance improvement fun

Align and inspire your team with real-time KPIs, gamified goals, and immediate support and recognition

“In a very real way, this platform enabled employees by motivating them at a personal level to do more, do better, make changes, and grow”

Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

Drive consistent performance

Your teams can perform at their best when expectations are clear, and progress is visible. Add relevant learning and coaching (and keep things fun!) and watch performance soar.

With Centrical, you can keep your people focused on the right goals, providing a shared sense of purpose and clear accountability, while enabling your organization to adapt seamlessly when priorities shift.

Performance One-Pager

Power your performance

KPIs that drive immediate action

Motivate your people to hit their targets (CSAT, AHT, Conversion Rate, Quality) and adjust seamlessly when things change with dynamic goals, personalized feedback, and visibility into progress.

Guided feedback and support that foster growth

Give people everything they need to achieve their goals and grow. Leverage performance data to trigger just-in-time learning and continuous AI-powered coaching.

Gamification that excites 

Keep the competitive spirit alive and motivation strong with points, badges, and leaderboards; individual and team challenges; instant feedback; and tangible rewards and recognition.

Wellbeing that builds a healthy, productive workforce

Increase productivity by fostering wellbeing with clear expectations, continuous learning and manager guidance, a community of knowledge sharing, and feedback channels that drive action.


Performance management built
for frontline teams

Performance Management

KPI visibility

Leverage real-time operational data (e.g., CRM, Telephony, POS, etc.) to keep everyone aligned and focused on the right goals and motivated to hit their targets daily. Just like a fitness tracker for work.

Smart segmentation

Automatically group users and adjust their KPI targets based on team, tenure, performance status (high vs. low performers) and other criteria. Create nested KPIs to better understand and respond to performance issues.  

Performance Management
Performance Management

Performance boosts & coaching

Address performance gaps in the flow of work, with performance-driven microlearning, including interactive simulations, and coaching conversations directly tied to individual KPIs.


Launch team competitions and personal challenges to drive targeted performance improvement. Recognize success with points, badges, leaderboards, progressing levels, and redeemable coins.

Performance Management
Performance Management

Analyze trends

Compare performance trends over time and across user segments. Analyze the impact of training and coaching on performance and quality with detailed analytics to drive operational excellence.

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Brings out the best in every employee

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Brings out the best in every employee

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