Increase sales conversion
and customer loyalty

Dramatically improve the employee experience for your reservations and service desk agents by making learning and engagement fun. Provide leaders instant visibility into team performance across a wide range of KPIs to provide actionable AI-driven coaching recommendations.

Improving EX and CX for the world’s leading
organizations and teams

“We found that by letting agents know what their goals and results are, supporting them with on-the-job training and coaching, and recognizing their efforts, they help us drive improvement.”

Company Global Vice President of Operations, Top 5 Largest Global Hospitality Brand

Leading hospitality brands worldwide are building employee and customer loyalty with Centrical

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  • Centrical Clients Experience:
  • icons 10% More Sales Per Agent
  • icons 14% Increase in Loyalty Program Enrollment
  • icons 30% Lower Early Attrition

Boost productivity, customer satisfaction, and revenue while elevating the agent experience  

Gamified, actionable KPIs drive motivation to exceed targets

Improve key metrics such as sales and loyalty conversion, adherence, quality, FCR, and CSAT by gamifying performance and addressing knowledge and performance gaps in the moment of need. Drive ongoing motivation to improve and keep teams engaged and at peak performance with rewards and recognition. 

Keep agents proficient on offers and promotions with AI-Driven Microlearning 

Increase sales conversion, loyalty program enrollment opportunities, and upgrades, with personalized microlearning. AI-enabled content creation makes it easy to always keep content and communications fresh, relevant, and delivered at the right time.  

Increase associate engagement and retention with effective, empathetic coaching  

Provide immediate feedback and manager support. Empower supervisors to spend more time providing feedback, action items, and support to their teams by streamlining the coaching prep process and consolidating performance, engagement, wellness, and learning data. Build stronger, empathetic supervisors and associate connections with tools to make coaching more consistent and effective, including AI-powered coaching insights.


Transform the Agent and Supervisor Experience

The world’s leading BPO drives agent efficiency using Centrical to improve knowledge, engagement and focus.

Teleperformance, a global leader in digitally integrated business services, such as customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, and debt collection, among others, wanted to have its customer service agents and supervisors more engaged in their work, handle their responsibilities more effectively, increase the satisfaction of their clients, and achieve better results. 

Webhelp drives performance through engagement and learning

With Centrical, short-term absenteeism shrunk by 6% and continues. In addition, in the past when new employees were onboarded, Webhelp would see a drop of 5-6% in customer satisfaction and performance metrics as employees transitioned into their roles. Now, with Centrical there is hardly any decline and employees’ ramp-up and become productive twice as fast. 

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