Make a measurable impact with microlearning

Deliver greater business value with gamified, personalized, AI-powered microlearning delivered in the flow of work

Learning. Powered by AI. Using real-time data. In a game. Wow.

Stay effective

Create, deliver, measure, and adapt learning faster. Keeping it relevant to each employees’ knowledge levels and behavior.

Drive value

Ensure learning is connected to actual business outcomes and delivers measurable KPI impact with meaningful ROI.

Boost engagement

Build a culture of continuous learning to keep your organization agile, proficient and performing.

Optimize continuously

Take your learning out of the 80’s. Create short, focused learning interactions like simulations and quizzes. Connect learning from your LMS or external sources. Centrical’s AI then uses employee knowledge and performance data to deliver relevant learning to the right employees at the right time for maximum retention and impact.

Optimize continuously

Learning aligned with the business

Connect learning activities to actual employee performance KPIs and to company strategies. Centrical’s light, no-code integrations means data from your company’s enterprise applications, such as your CRM or BI systems, can be used to suggest relevant learning to employees and measure which learning activities get results.

Learning aligned with the business

Make learning a daily habit

With Centrical, employees don’t just complete learning, they compete in challenges, earn badges, pass levels and collect prizes, in an ongoing quest to build up skills and develop mastery. Using our learning gamification platform, you can make learning paths clear and visualized, enable self-paced learning and exploration as well as reward good behavior to nurture a culture of continuous learning.

Make learning a daily habit
"Employees are ecstatic, learn more and we are seeing benefits every day. In my view this is the definition of success”
OMER DROR Business division manager, Ness Digital Engineering

With Centrical, Ness Digital Engineering trains employees faster and more efficiently with measurable impact on business results:

50% Faster onboarding
22% Higher SLA compliance rates

Unleash the full value of learning

Drive better business impact with learning that is engaged with more often, retained longer, and applied at work.

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