Supercharge productivity

Motivate your workforce with a personalized performance experience

Frontline Work does not need to be overwhelming and unappreciated.  

See how Centrical can keep frontline agents aligned with their goals and on a path to reach them, engage employees in new and exciting ways, and provide personalized feedback and support to guide success and growth.  

Fostering a productive workforce can result in: 


Improvement in sales performance


Reduction in call flow errors  


Increase in customer satisfaction 

How Centrical Improves Agent Productivity: 

KPIs that drive action

Motivate your people to hit their targets and adjust seamlessly when things change with dynamic goals and real-time visibility into progress.  

Gamification that excites

Keep the competitive spirit alive and motivation strong with dynamic leaderboards, individual and team competitions, milestone badges, instant feedback, tangible rewards, and recognition.  

Personalized Learning  

Deliver targeted learning in the moment of need with Centrical AI That personalizes training content based on knowledge gaps, and performance metrics. Recurring knowledge refresher quizzes help drive better knowledge retention over time.  

Wellbeing to drive productivity

Foster wellbeing and happiness at work with clear expectations, continuous learning and manager guidance, and feedback channels that drive action.  


Improve Quality

Deliver Service Excellence

Drive More Sales

“Every single person comes to work every day generally to do a good job and I think what Centrical allows us to do is for those individuals to understand how they’re performing and make choices about how they can deliver better for our customers.   There are lots of things that make a place a great place to work. Some of that is about transparency,  self-directed learning, fun, and passion. And I think Centrical gets us that”

Maigen Morales, Hilton Customer Care Team

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