AI-Powered Continuous,
Effective Coaching

Scale frontline manager impact

“Centrical makes it extremely easy to quickly determine who our managers should coach next. This is especially important in a virtual environment when they need to constantly communicate with their team.”

Director Reservation Operations, Global Hospitality Brand

Boost performance with empathetic & effective coaching

Your frontline managers play a critical role in the performance of your teams. Poor managers drive down employee engagement and productivity and can spoil even your best attempts to fight attrition.

Centrical leverages AI to eliminate the administrative burden of coaching, empowering frontline managers to connect at a deeper level and enabling their frontline teams to thrive.

Coaching One-Pager

Coach for Success

Make every coaching moment count

Provide continuous and effective coaching with AI-powered outlier insights and coaching recommendations, AI-generated team sentiment analysis, and connected quality evaluations.

Turn insights into guided action

Provide the right support for every coaching opportunity with coaching templates, quality evaluation forms, virtual coaching conversations, targeted challenges, and contextual learning.

Equip Managers for Success

Drive excellence and motivation with Manager Action KPIs! Provide visibility into coaching actions and recognize managers for achieving their team development goals.

Foster a Culture of Owned Success

Empower employees to own their growth by providing insights into their performance, targeted microlearning opportunities, transparent career pathways, and a collaborative platform for social knowledge sharing.


Transform your frontline managers
to build high performing teams


Continuous feedback

Provide just-in-time support and close the feedback loop. With Centrical managers can:

  • Initiate a performance conversation or quality evaluation around a specific KPI (CSAR, FCR, Quality, Conversion Rate) or behavior (probing skills, helpfulness)
  • Send a guided coaching action to create a dialogue around performance (e.g., what obstacles are getting in the way)
  • Trigger a personal challenge (improve by 10% by next week)
  • Assign a learning mission to help their teams exceed their goals and grow


Scheduled coaching

Save managers’ time prepping for scheduled coaching conversations and make the most of every coaching session with quick access to performance data from across your operational systems and integrated quality evaluation forms. Follow up with guided coaching actions, learning missions, and performance challenges.


AI-triggered performance insights

Focus managers on performance outliers with daily insights on performance drops, recognition opportunities, and wellbeing indicators to support empathetic leadership. Plus! Gain insight into team sentiment and knowledge trends with AI-generated survey and quiz summaries.

Manager Action KPIs

Drive operational excellence and motivation with Manager Action KPIs! Provide visibility into coaching actions and recognize managers for achieving their team development goals with the power of gamification.



Analyze team trends in performance, engagement, learning, and wellbeing to better support every individual.

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