Voice of Employee

Listen and respond to your frontline, continuously

“When leaders and managers cultivate the whole person at work — not just the employee — they promote the success of every individual in the organization.”


Stay connected and perform remotely

Maintaining the pulse of your organization is hard. And there are many influences on wellbeing and burnout among your frontline beyond their physical health and safety. Like workload and goal alignment, regular feedback and support, meaningful collaboration and teamwork, manager empathy, and more.

With Centrical, you can keep your frontline emotionally connected, motivated, and productive, wherever they work.

Voice of Employee One-Pager

Prioritize wellbeing

Show that you care

Encourage candid and direct reflection and feedback with micro-surveys and regular check-ins on wellbeing, workload, and clarity of goals.

Listen and respond

Support empathetic leadership. Identify early signs of burnout and leverage employee sentiment to trigger coaching, learning, and performance challenges in response to each employee’s unique needs.

Connect from anywhere

Create a shared sense of purpose. Consistently communicate with remote teams, create alignment, and maintain connections with shared goals, conversations, team competitions, and kudos.

Let people shine

Recognize people’s need to stand out. Encourage social recognition and knowledge sharing across your teams.


Support the whole person to foster a healthy, productive workforce

Voice of Employee

Pulse Checks

Send out regular pulse checks to capture feedback on employee happiness, well-being, and performance. Deploy global, team-based and/or persona-based question sets on a pre-determined schedule or in real-time.


Send out micro-surveys to unique user segments to better understand their preferences and needs and collect feedback around their experience (e.g., onboarding) or confidence level with training content (e.g., new product training; compliance updates).

Voice of Employee
Voice of Employee

Manager Insights

Provide team leaders with wellbeing and other employee-driven insights collected through pulse checks and micro-surveys at the individual employee level. Guide team leaders to provide the right support to every individual based on their feedback.


Create a community of influencers and foster collaboration with social knowledge sharing. Users can share their expertise and earn gem points when peers view and upvote their tips.

Voice of Employee

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