Financial Services

Maintain compliance while building customer happiness and loyalty

Elevate the associate experience to enable your frontline customer service, collections, and branch teams to build customer loyalty with every interaction. Make performance data visible from across your operational systems and provide AI-powered coaching and learning to drive optimal performance, while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Improving EX and CX for the world’s leading financial organizations & teams

“Employees’ engagement in the learning process is amazing.”

QA Manager, Customer Care | Payoneer 

Changing the game for financial services teams

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  • Centrical Clients Experience
  • icons 20% Increase Resolution Rate
  • icons 30% Lower Early Attrition
  • icons 10% Increase CSAT


 Elevate the associate experience 

Actionable, Gamified KPIs

Leverage operational data to provide real-time performance visibility for employees and make KPIs actionable via targeted learning and coaching.

Targeted, AI-Driven Microlearning

Mitigate risk, maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and give your financial services teams a competitive edge with personalized microlearning.

Easy, Efficient Coaching

Build stronger, empathetic supervisor and associate connections with tools to make coaching more consistent and effective, including AI-powered coaching insights.

Full Suite of Engagement Tools

Team competitions, dynamic leaderboards, milestone badges, and rewards and recognition inspire and motivate employees to improve performance and engage with training.  


Create a culture of learning to reduce risks and ensure compliance

Payoneer’s customer care associates must be aware of changing regulations in financial services. As a global team providing round-the-clock support, daily-face-to-face briefings were impractical. It heightened risks and the potential for non-compliance. With Centrical, Payoneer cut the time to create new learning items in half and boosted compliance and post-learning assessment scores.

Top-tier financial services company supercharges training and performance

A top-tier consumer financial services company operates several global facilities for training its customer support personnel. It wanted to both shorten training time and ensure it achieved desired behaviors from employees. The company found Centrical lets them leverage performance data to fine-tune the training needs of each employee. The results were phenomenal. 

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