Create all-star
sales teams

Get your salespeople to be their best with coaching, gamification, competitions and training delivered in-the-flow-of-work.

Sellers excel when you show them how to win

Drive alignment

Get teams on the same page to drive revenue and more. With strategic alignment, they’ll know what to do, when they need to do it, and do it better and faster.

Drive agility

Make every employee able to adapt to change quickly. Have them grab onto shifts in objectives, products or promotions, and then act with confidence.

Drive competition

Leverage sellers’ natural competitiveness with goal-based contests rep-to-rep, within teams or team-to-team. All aimed to encourage ongoing improvement and ever-better results.

Drive success

Give managers the ability to turn their team into sales all-stars with real-time data that lets them affect performance/behavior changes right away.

Motivate what matters

Give sellers clear goals and real-time performance tracking on the products, clients, and activities you want them to focus and they’ll get done what matters most. Tie goals to recognition, compensation and career progression and they’ll be motivated to perform at the max.

Motivate what matters

Make it a challenge

Sellers thrive on competition. Drive performance with engaging challenges between peers, groups, and teams in ways that create strategic alignment on approach and goals, and produces solid results.

Make it a challenge

Pivot quickly on new products and promotions

Update your team on new products, promotions and opportunities on-the-go and in between meetings with short, targeted learning bursts. Then, ensure knowledge is retained and applied with simulations and challenges on the products and promotions you want kept in focus.

Pivot quickly on new products and promotions

Unleash the winner in everyone

Keep your sellers ambitious and engaged. Always. Drive healthy competition with leaderboards and in-company TV win announcements. Create leveled, profile-based competitions on any sales KPI or let employees challenge themselves or each other – giving everyone something to aspire to and a chance to win. Click to learn more about salesforce gamification.

Unleash the winner in everyone

Create a winning coaching environment

Sellers know how to sell. You need to show them how to win on a regular basis. A real-time view of their performance lets managers coach employees to sales victory because they see and help close the knowledge or performance gaps at that moment.

Create a winning coaching environment
“Centrical is so far ahead of the sales performance management competition. There’s no reason to work with anybody else.”
BRIAN SNYDER Regional Director | Cellular Sales

Employees engaged with Centrical’s platform delivered superior results:

2X More combo sales
53% More device sales

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