We believe the frontline employee experience has the power to transform your business.

That is why our mission is to create a connected employee experience and make every moment actionable in a way that inspires and personally guides the success and growth of every individual. 

Trusted by leading enterprises:

Synchrony uses Centricals's gamification platform

Why Centrical?

Centrical powers best-in-class customer experiences for the world’s leading brands through frontline agent and team alignment, engagement, and performance optimization. The platform provides a unified employee experience powered by AI and gamification that personally guides and inspires the success and growth of every individual employee through performance management, coaching, quality management, personalized microlearning, and voice of the employee.  

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Our Values

Employee First: Creating amazing employee experiences is at the heart of everything we do. Let it be your differentiator.  

Embrace the Individual: Never take a one-size-fits all approach to growth and development. Everyone’s journey is unique.

Technology in Service of Empathy: Our relationship with technology should enhance real life interactions, providing greater opportunity to build meaningful connections.  

Flip the Pyramid: Lead from your frontline. Enable empowerment from within. Give everyone a reason to own their success. Everyone is a CEO.  

Create Future-Ready Teams: Enable your people to adapt seamlessly to change. Provide frictionless experiences, listen, and respond. 


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Our Story

Centrical emerged from the business intelligence (BI) software space, where BI informed managers about employee performance but lacked actionable guidance for improvement. Our vision at Centrical is centered on empowering employees by not just providing insights into their work, but creating guided, personalized experiences that foster growth, focus, skill enhancement, and an enjoyable work experience.

We aim to make employees the focal point of the process, delivering tailored insights and AI-guided actions for improvement. Simultaneously, we equip managers with AI-powered, closed-loop coaching to enhance their teams’ success. This approach triggers personalized activities, enhancing individual employee performance. Ultimately, it cultivates better coaches and higher-performing employees.

Founded in 2013, Centrical firmly believes that employees are the key to business success. Our headquarters are in New York City and Israel. We take pride in our expanding clientele of enterprise businesses, including Microsoft, Teleperformance, Synchrony Financial, Webhelp, and Swiss Life, among others.

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