Engage everyone - always

Go beyond points, badges and leaderboards - Use all the mechanisms and strategies that make games exciting and addictive to sustainably drive employee engagement, learning, and performance.

Take performance to the next level with advanced gamification

Sustain engagement

Reduce churn and burn. Ensure every employee gets a chance to be a hero daily and sees a clear path to success.

Change behaviors

Recognize employees instantly for behaviors, processes and activities that drive business results.

Create culture

Drive ongoing excellence. Build and sustain excitement about working towards goals, learning and being a team-player.

Engage employees emotionally

Employees aren’t automatons. To stay driven, they need a sense of value and purpose. With Centrical, you can make everyone, not just top performers, a hero with personalized challenges, weekly wins and progressing game narratives that chart a clear course to success and development.

Engage employees emotionally

Reward behaviors that drive success

Associating behaviors with recognition turns them into habits. Centrical uses data from your enterprise applications and compensation management to instantly reward employees for doing what’s right. Whether it’s for providing stellar customer service, following-up on leads or completing learning, anything can be a reason to win redeemable coins, collect badges or level-up.

Reward behaviors that drive success

Create excitement that lasts

Competition isn’t everything. Collecting points can get boring fast. Centrical is designed to be part of your employees’ daily routine and sustain excitement over time with alternating challenges, social feeds, TV bulletins, raffles and mini-games. We continuously roll-out new game mechanics so that striving for excellence stays exciting.

Create excitement that lasts

Transformation through gamification

Supercharge employee engagement by giving your workforce daily doses of fun and excitement.

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