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Teleperformance drives agent efficiency

Teleperformance’s Jaime Parra explains how his company, a leading customer services provider raises the engagement, product knowledge, job skills, performance, and results of its agents and supervisors, and why Centrical was ‘an ideal fit’. Watch the full story.

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60% Reduction in call flow errors
“Centrical was an ideal fit to help us drive agent performance results”
Jaime Parra Project Manager

Teleperformance finds agent engagement with Centrical dramatically lowers errors

Teleperformance, a global leader in digitally integrated business services,  such as customer acquisition, customer care, technical support, and debt collection, among others, wanted to have its customer service agents and supervisors more engaged in their work, handle their responsibilities more effectively, increase the satisfaction of their clients, and achieve better results.

Working in a collaborative partnership, Teleperformance and Centrical devised performance challenges and learning missions to raise engagement, product knowledge, job skills, performance, and ultimately, business results. Further, the Centrical platform works with existing Teleperformance processes and systems, so integration was “pain-free.”

Teleperformance saw a 60% reduction in the number of errors in call flows among agents who actively engaged with Centrical employee engagement and performance management platform. This had an immediate, positive impact on Teleperformance’s clients, and their customers.

Watch the video to hear the full story.

Teleperformance drives agent performance

Watch how Teleperformance drives agent efficiency using Centrical to drive better knowledge, engagement and focus.

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