Drive CX through EX

Create a work experience that keeps employees engaged and effective with real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification.

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Take care of your employees - they’ll take care of your customers

Boost engagement

Emotionally-connect employees with their goals for higher productivity, engagement, and quality.

Drive effectiveness

Motivate focus on the behaviors and activities that drive results for increased productivity and efficiency.

Get smart

Train employees at their own pace, and without away-time to keep teams up-to-speed and on point.

Turn employees into ambassadors

Give your employees daily reasons to get excited. Whether it’s for succeeding in learning or providing a great customer experience, with Centrical you can make anything a reason to win points and prizes, celebrate success, and level-up. Click here to learn more about contact center gamification.

Turn employees into ambassadors

Create focus and accountability

Provide clear personalized goals on anything from script adherence to handle times. Then, enable employees to track their performance in real-time. Centrical automatically offers feedback, encouragement, and coaching to help them hit their targets on every call.

Create focus and accountability

Future proof your people

Train more employees faster with short microlearning bursts that take a few minutes a day. Update your teams on new products, regulations or processes on away-time and between calls. Then ensure knowledge is retained and applied with personalized practice, quizzes and simulations.

Future proof your people
"In a very real way, this platform enabled agents by motivating them at a personal level to do more, do better, make changes, and grow."
DEE NILLES Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

With Centrical, Microsoft’s call center employees are giving it all they got:

10% Increase in productivity*
17% lower employee turnover
* 2 more calls per agent per shift on average

Great CX Starts with Better EX

Engage, align and train employees across all your sites and locations from one holistic platform.

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