Empower employees for success

Use real-time employee performance data to set personalized goals, provide instant feedback, and suggest relevant coaching and learning.

Real-time performance management delivers real impact.

Keep objectives on-point

Ensure employees have clear goals and that they stay aligned and relevant with those of the company.

Sustain goal focus

Motivate employees to continuously track their performance to sustain focus and accountability.

Coach to win

Help managers provide data-driven coaching to fix knowledge or performance gaps as they happen.

Set goals that always stay relevant 

Objectives that aren’t measurable and realistic aren’t effective. That’s why Centrical enables you to set goals tied to real-time performance data on anything from sales milestones to learning completion or performance KPIs. Then keep goals relevant with automated updates based on actual performance, employee characteristics or business objectives.

Set goals that always stay relevant 

Keep employees up to date and on target

Centrical lets your employees see how every activity they do moves them closer to their goals so they can manage their own performance. Each employee’s personal dashboard shows them how they’re doing in real-time and offers prompts, training, and updates that tells them exactly what they need to focus on next to meet their goals.

Keep employees up to date and on target

Coach for immediate impact

Real-time data changes managers from dwelling on what was to what is. Centrical gives team leaders real-time views into employee performance and highlights gaps in knowledge or performance that exist right now. That way, managers and their employees can focus together on what matters most to drive results.

Coach for immediate impact

Manage performance as it happens

Drive engagement, focus, and accountability with relevant goals, real-time tracking, and instant feedback.

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