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“Every single person comes to work every day generally to do a good job and I think what Centrical allows us to do is for those individuals to understand how they’re performing and make choices about how they can deliver better for our customers. There are lots of things that make a place a great place to work. Some of that is about transparency, self-directed learning, fun, and passion. And I think Centrical gets us that.”

Alison Jaap
Customer Care Director, OVO Energy

Changing the game for Energy teams around the world

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  • Centrical Clients Experience
  • icons 20% Increase Resolution Rate
  • icons 30% Lower Early Attrition
  • icons 10% Increase CSAT


Enlighten energy teams to boost engagement

Accelerate Employee Proficiency

Agile, scalable solution speeds up proficiency across teams and levels, enabling employees to quickly upskill and adapt to product and service shifts.  

Inspire Elevated Performance

Employees own their development and success with personalized, targeted microlearning, performance-driven learning paths, and real-time feedback and support. 

Drive Productive Discussions

Cultivate and strengthen employee-manager relationships with augmented coaching, social recognition, knowledge sharing, and continuous, AI-powered feedback. 

Motivate. Recognize. Reward.

Boost engagement across the board with advanced gamification, including peer and manager kudos, points, badges, leaderboards, and tangible rewards. 


Transform the Agent and Supervisor Experience

OVO Energy selected Centrical to strengthen its award-winning workplace and facilitate a truly autonomous culture within customer care. 

OVO Energy has a goal to strengthen its award-winning workplace and facilitate a truly autonomous culture within customer care. Using personalized microlearning and collaboration tools within Centrical, they will also strengthen their learning culture by helping advisors identify and act on their unique learning and development opportunities. 

Teleperformance drives agent efficiency using Centrical to drive better knowledge, engagement and focus with the world’s leading energy organizations

Teleperformance saw a 60% reduction in the number of errors in call flows among agents who actively engaged with Centrical. This had an immediate, positive impact on Teleperformance’s clients, and their customers. 

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