What is Employee Performance Experience?

A method of improving operational performance and customer experience by personally guiding frontline employees across every stage of the employee lifecycle.

What is the Performance Experience Methodology

It is no secret that engaged, high performing employees create amazing customer experiences. A performance experience is a method of improving productivity, employee retention, and CX by personally guiding and inspiring frontline employees across every stage of the employee lifecycle. While traditional performance management solutions are reactionary and top-down, a performance experience flips the pyramid, taking an employee-centric approach to performance to meet the expectations of today’s employee.

It’s the only way to win in today’s market.

Why? Because employees’ expectations have changed. And when their experience meets their expectations, they succeed – which means you succeed.

The Performance Experience Gap

When performance management, learning, coaching, quality, and wellbeing are siloed and non-personalized, we call this the Performance Experience Gap. But, with the right technology, and the power of AI, it’s easy to bring together these critical elements of the employee experience to guide employees to perform at their best.

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Performance Experience Methodology Strategies

The PX methodology can be applied in four ways across the employee journey.


Setting employees up for success by aligning them with their goals and making their progress visible so they are clear on expectations.


Creating a sense of purpose, building meaningful connections, and making the experience fun and rewarding so employees are motivated to succeed and invested in their success.


Providing employees the knowledge, skills, and support they need, in the moment they need it, to empower them to reach peak performance.


Continuously re-aligning, listening, and responding to employees to ensure their needs are met and that their experience is frictionless.

Creating an Optimal Performance Experience

Provided below are steps you can take to incorporate the performance experience strategies throughout the employee lifecycle to help you:

Deliver better customer experience

Reduce operating costs

Improve service, quality, and sales

Retain more talent and increase employee lifetime value

Creating a Performance Experience Across the Employee Lifecycle

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  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4

Stage 1: Onboarding

Because many frontline employees are new to the role or entering the workforce for the first time, the onboarding process can be both intimidating and overwhelming, making it difficult to ask questions or know where to go for support, especially in remote situations. Left unsupported, employees with poor onboarding experiences drive down quality and service levels, lower efficiency, and cause costly early attrition.

This is why frontline organizations must implement performance experience strategies during onboarding.

Using the Performance Experience Methodology for Frontline Operations

As a frontline operations leader you understand how your employee experience impacts customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and growth and why investing in a performance experience is critical to achieving your customer experience management goals.

If you’re just getting started, the performance experience methodology and the right technology, like Centrical, can provide a framework for your success.

Align Tools

Personalized Goals

Real-time Performance Visibility

Guided Feedback

Integrated Communications

Engage Tools

Gamification, Rewards & Recognition

Career Pathing

Real-time Coaching


Social Knowledge Sharing

Perform Tools

AI-Powered Digital Coach

Performance-Driven Microlearning

Manager Insights and Coaching Recommendations

Gamified Goals

KPI Challenges

Optimize Tools

Actionable Analytics

Dynamic Goals & Smart Segmentation

Upskilling & Reskilling

Voice of Employee (check-ins, pulse checks, surveys)

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Close the Performance Experience Gap

Supporting the performance experience methodology is the Centrical platform, which includes all the tools you need to meet your employee expectations and customer experience goals.

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