Keep tech teams motivated and educated while meeting and exceeding their targets

Keeping employees motivated and productive is no small feat.  But leveraging advanced gamification brings important components of the employee experience together. By connecting engagement and performance in innovative ways, gamification creates a positive, productive, and loyal team that’s motivated and committed to meeting (and crushing!) their metrics. 

Improving EX and CX for the world’s leading technology organizations and teams

“Centrical is so far ahead of the sales performance management competition. There’s no reason to work with anybody else.” 

Brian Snyder
Regional Director, Cellular Sales

ChatGPT-powered AI microlearning, coaching and advanced gamification

Level up employee engagement and performance with Centrical’s high performance solution


Innovative tech team engagement 

Accelerate Employee Proficiency

Agile, scalable solution speeds up proficiency across teams and levels, enabling employees to quickly upskill and adapt to product and service shifts.  

Inspire Elevated Performance

Employees own their development and success with personalized, targeted microlearning, performance-driven learning paths, and real-time feedback and support. 

Drive Productive Discussions

Cultivate and strengthen employee-manager relationships with augmented coaching, social recognition, knowledge sharing, and continuous, AI-powered feedback. 

Motivate. Recognize. Reward.

Boost engagement across the board with advanced gamification, including peer and manager kudos, points, badges, leaderboards, and tangible rewards. 


Transform the Agent and Supervisor Experience

Microsoft drives down absenteeism, boosts productivity 12% and increases upsells 2x

Microsoft’s global network of contact centers supports its consumer offerings with thousands of service agents. Centrical helped Microsoft make service agents more productive, responsible, and most importantly more engaged. Read the full case study to learn how. 

Verizon Cellular increased sales 53% and doubled combo sales using Centrical 

With Centrical, the Elevate program has become core to Cellular Sales revenue and business growth. Data shows a strong correlation between engagement in the program and business results. Verizon employees who are highly active on Centrical have exhibited 53% more new tech sales, 2X promotional combo sales, 45% more accessory sales, and 75% more new activations (activating a Verizon program after a mobile phone purchase). 

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