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Gal Rimon, Centrical’s founder and CEO, spent years involved in business intelligence (BI). He devised ways to determine strategic next steps for icons of business. He saw how BI let managers know how employees were doing, but it typically didn’t convey how to turn performance insights into performance actions.

After all, since employees were the ones doing the work, Gal thought it made sense to place them at the center of the process. To share with them insights about their work, to help them improve, be more focused, and get better at what they do, as well as make it fun in the process.

And with that, he founded Centrical in 2013. Others, equally convinced that employees are the center of business success, joined him to where we are now a team of 100 operating from offices in New York City and Israel. And proud to have an expanding list of icons of business as customers, including Microsoft, Novartis, Synchrony Financial, Unilever, and Swiss Life, among others.

78% Are morning people
72% Speak 2 or more languages
27% Have post-graduate degrees
147 lbs Hummus consumed per employee annually

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