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“Employees engagement in the learning process is amazing”

Neomie Rothnie
Customer Care Manager, Payoneer

Personalized, AI-powered learning at scale

The Centrical platform personalizes learning and development across the employee lifecycle with microlearning modules that are triggered by AI to target individual performance gaps and growth opportunities. The platform motivates employees to invest in their development through individual and team learning challenges, milestone badges, progressing game levels, collecting prizes, and more 

  • Centrical clients experience:
  • icons 20% more learning activities completed
  • icons 5x faster onboarding
  • icons 84% improvement in safety & complaince

Learning, that sticks

Boost engagement and ELTV

Continuous, personalized learning boosts performance and engagement by increasing employee skills and confidence, as well as visible growth and career opportunitieswhich also increases employee retention.

Increase knowledge retention

Bite-sized” content delivered in the flow of work using various modalities, such as video, audio, text, and interactive simulations, supports every type of learner and enables your employees to better retain knowledge than traditional training methods.  

Accelerate onboarding

Microlearning significantly cuts time-to-proficiency, building competency while making the experience more engaging and fun to help reduce early attrition. 

Deliver meaningful results

Microlearning delivers a measurable impact on enterprise contact centers and other frontline teams by connecting learning to business requirements and outcomes. 


Change the game for learning and development with Centrical

Learning & Development

AI-powered learning

Improve learning for your frontline operations and sales team with short, focused, and relevant learning modules as part of the daily workflow. Centrical’s AI analyzes performance data to deliver relevant learning to the right employees at the right time for maximum knowledge retention and impact.  

Easy integration

Centrical no-code integrations enable easy connections to your enterprise’s existing LMS or external learning and development sources, as well CRM or BI systems. These connections are leveraged to suggest relevant learning to employees – and measure which of those activities get results. 

Learning & Development
Learning & Development

Knowledge sharing

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing is a valuable part of the learning and development process. Sharing expertise, tips, and tricks enriches users and amplifies the influence of top performers. Teammates can upvote contributions and award points to contributors, inspiring a sense of community and encouraging more social learning. 


With Centrical, employees don’t just complete learning activities. They compete in challenges, pass levels, and earn rewards and recognition while building their skillset. The platform also keeps users motivated to learn by providing visibility into progress and enabling self-paced learning as part of the daily flow of work.  

Learning & Development

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