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Verizon's Cellular Sales drives engagement to supercharge sales

Verizon Cellular Sales runs 745+ stores in 42 US states, with 7,000+ retail employees. Using Centrical it engaged employees to drive behaviors, focus, and professional development. As a result, handset sales grew 53%, cross-sells doubled.

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53% More handset sales
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2X More combo sales
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45% More phone accessory sales
"It completely shifted how employees and managers communicate."

Real-time feedback supercharges retail sales

Verizon’s premier US retailer, Cellular Sales, prides itself on the customer experience provided by its employees. To ensure they deliver on expectations, Cellular Sales wanted employees to get up-to-the minute updates on performance improvement opportunities. With Centrical, all activity employees do visibly advance them to the next level of incentives and career development. The impact on sales and revenue has been remarkable.


Delivering an amazing experience

Cellular Sales is Verizon’s premier retailer in the United States. It operates more than 745+ retail stores across 42 states with over 7,000 sales employees on staff. In a highly commoditized market, Cellular Sales stands out thanks to its ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This experience is fueled by its employees unparalleled energy and commitment. Combined with a high level of proficiency, it ensures frontline employees always offer the most relevant deals to maximize value for their clients. With an increasingly millennial workforce, Cellular Sales has to continuously innovate. It was looking for more effective ways to engage its staff and keep them informed, up-to-date, and efficient. 

Better employees for better business performance

Cellular Sales wanted employees to be excited about managing their own performance and about constantly working to improve it. It wanted to modernize training and coaching so that they were more in tune with each employees’ needs and have an impact on their performance immediately. Another goal was to ensure that employee incentives were aligned with company goals. It needed a mechanism that would focus employees on new products or promotions without causing them to forget about everything else. So, for example, when a new iPhone arrives, sales of all other products don’t plummet. 

“We understood we had to look at recognition and rewards more holistically. Employees would rarely look at their performance, usually towards the end of the quarter.”


Cellular Sales launched Elevate. Employees on this program are challenged to progress in levels based on sales performance and learning. New levels achieved are rewarded with perks, leadership opportunities and additional compensation. Centrical is used for orchestrating Elevate and sustaining employees’ engagement. The platform enables employees to track in real-time how each activity gets them closer to the next level. It guides them which KPIs should be worked on to maximize game points and potential bonus. Additionally, both managers and employees get personalized learning or coaching assigned based on their measured performance data.
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Real-time performance management On their mobile app employees track performance in real-time and see how sales or learning gets them closer to their bonus. Notifications suggest which KPIs to focus on for maximum results
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Personalized Microlearning Employees receive microlearning sessions on new products or promotions. Learning is triggered on relevant topics if KPI performance lags. Alternatively, managers get prompted to provide coaching.
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Advanced Gamification Employees collect points and badges or progress in levels based on their results. Short-term challenges focus attention to a specific product or KPI temporarily without hindering longer-term goals


With Centrical, the Elevate program has become core to Cellular Sales. Usage data shows extremely high engagement rates with the program – 90% of employees check their status and feedback at least twice a week and 60% check the platform daily for performance and updates.

Data since launch shows a strong correlation between engagement in the program and business results. Employees who are highly active on Centrical have exhibited 53% more new handset sales, 2X promotional combo sales, 45% more phone accessory sales, and 75% more new activations (activating a Verizon program after a mobile phone purchase). 

“This has completely shifted how managers communicate with and coach employees! managers now ask employees ‘What did the system tell you to focus on – ok, let’s see how we can help you work on that’” said Brian Snyder. “Looking at someone’s engagement level with the system also tells us if they’re getting disengaged and need encouragement or might be having personal issues. It keeps us aware. This has really been a game-changer for us.” 

“Centrical is so far ahead of the sales performance management competition. There’s no reason to work with anybody else.”

"We are working faster and more efficiently than ever before"

Brian Snyder, Regional Director at Verizon's Cellular Sales explains how he makes great use of challenges to engage employees and keep them focused on multiple goals.

Brian Snyder, Regional Director at Verizon's Cellular Sales explains how he makes great use of challenges to engage employees and keep them focused on multiple goals.

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