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Ness cuts time to proficiency by more than 50%

Ness Digital Engineering’s V-Ness unit, provides testing and automation services worldwide. A workforce that’s increasingly Millennial and Gen Z makes recruitment, retention and training challenging. With Centrical, Ness cut onboarding cycles from 4 months to 1.5 months. Retention of new hires rose 90% while learning programs spurred proficiency 22% across all KPIs.

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50% Faster onboarding
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22% Better SLA compliance
“Learning faster doesn’t mean learning less or retaining less knowledge."
Nir Shmueli Delivery Director

Better performance. Stronger connections. Greater commitment

V-Ness needed a platform that aligned employees with its “strive for excellence” orientation by improving their proficiency and productivity. To raise proficiency a body of knowledge was needed. To improve productivity they needed to monitor performance and behaviors.

For both, Centrical offered unmatched capabilities. V-Ness connected its systems to Centrical for real-time feedback. Learning was handled by Centrical’s personalized microlearning which offered bite-sized content to absorb and apply.

New employees normally took up to 4 months before they could be trusted with customer-related tasks. With Centrical, the time was cut in half to 1.5 to 2 months. About 60 employees onboard yearly, The time savings means more than 21,000 additional man hours every year, the equivalent of 10 additional headcount without hiring anyone. Additionally, retention of junior employees rose by over 26%.

On achieving greater productivity, improvement on KPIs such as SLA compliance, ticket open and close rates and scenario testing averaged over 22%.

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