Your Definitive Guide to Employee Performance Experience

In this guide, you will learn:

  • What Performance Experience Management [PXM] is, and its benefits to organizations 
  • The rationale behind the four core strategies 
  • How to apply the four strategies to each stage of the employee lifecycle 
  • How Centrical guides organizations through this new way of managing not just employee performance, but the experience behind it

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The AI revolution is disrupting work as we know it and presenting new business challenges and opportunitiesparticularly in the areas of the employee and customer experience. Performance management practices of the past are no longer relevant. An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the impact of their frontline employees’ experience on the customer experience and are modernizing their approach to one that is human-focused and employee-centric. This is where traditional performance management has faded, and where the Performance Experience Methodology comes in.  

The methodology consists of four strategies that can be applied across every stage of the employee lifecycle. This methodology improves operational performance and the customer experience by guiding frontline employees and helping keep teams proficient and at optimal performance as business needs change.  

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