Reskill and upskill for an agile workforce

Build a team of high-performing superstars

Investing in employee growth and development shouldn’t be hard.  

See how Centrical can help you address skills gaps and deliver engaging and impactful reskilling and upskilling programs.  

Reskilling and upskilling your workforce are essential for retaining talent and ensuring your organization is ready for whatever tomorrow brings.  

Fostering a productive workforce can result in: 


Improvement in sales performance


Reduction in call flow errors  


Increase in customer satisfaction 

How Centrical can Improve Employee Reskilling and Upskilling: 

Make career progression a reality

Motivate your people to develop and grow and level up your upskilling so your best agents are prepared to transition into new roles with clear learning pathways and recognition and rewards along the way.  

Stay agile

When priorities shift, flexibility is key. With Centrical you can easily share new information and certify your people to create quick alignment and enable your teams to adapt seamlessly.  

Identify and address skills gap

Gain visibility into individual skills gaps with analytics that help you see who needs help where and take immediate action with personalized learning and coaching. 


Higher Retention

Agile Workforce  

Improved Employee Loyalty

“This is the behavioral change that we were aiming for. And we were able to achieve this without changing our compensation plan. The amazing thing is, we could really see an increase in our cross selling all over our product selection.”

David Windlin, Head of Sales Coordination, Swiss Life Select

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