Sales enablement and performance

Proactively develop seller skills, increase product knowledge, and drive the right behaviors.

“Centrical is so far ahead of the sales performance management competition. There’s no reason to work with anybody else.”

Brian Snyder
Regional Director | Cellular Sales, Verizon Authorized Dealer

Build a high-performing sales team

Empower your sales team with real-time performance insights, personalized training and coaching, and exciting gamification.

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  • Centrical clients experience:
  • icons 2X More Upsell & Cross-Sell
  • icons 53% Increase in Sales
  • icons 10.4% More Sales Per Seller

Create all-star sales teams

Exceed Revenue Goals

Enhance performance by driving the right sales behaviors. Focus reps where it matters most with personalized goals and real-time performance tracking.

Keep Teams Proficient

Ensure your reps master new products and continuously develop their skills with personalized microlearning and coaching.

Inspire Reps to Excel

Engage your reps and create healthy competition across territories and teams with industry-leading gamification.

Curb Early Attrition

Increase tenure and reduce attrition by developing stronger, connected, high-performing teams.


Equip your sales teams to exceed goals

Sales Solution

Gamification that drives performance

Drive targeted improvement with team competitions, personal challenges, and progressing game narratives designed to make everyone a hero.

Targeted microlearning

Boost proficiency and performance. Centrical makes onboarding new reps a breeze, keeps teams updated on new products, and drives greater upsell and cross-sell opportunities with targeted microlearning and AI-driven knowledge refreshers designed to address individual knowledge and performance gaps.

Sales Solution
Sales Solution

Deepen team relationships

Build stronger teams with social recognition, peer to peer knowledge sharing, and integrated team conversations.

Empower managers

Simplify coaching by guiding managers with a unified view of team performance and AI-powered development insights and coaching recommendations.

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Level up your sales performance

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