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“One of the ways we are using Centrical is to understand and identify through question banks that cover different processes, technical parts, services, etc. individual strengths, and opportunities, and then to take those results to guide the individual in real-time. We also review the overall results to understand where we need to focus our energy to better improve.”

Danny Ward, Senior People Development and Quality Manager
Ocado Retail Ltd

Elevate the quality monitoring experience

Effective quality monitoring is critical to keeping agents compliant and customers happy. But quality assurance processes are often reactive, disconnected from other aspects of performance management, and transactional – preventing agents and quality analysts from being fully invested in improving quality scores. With Centrical, you can empower your team with a more holistic approach to quality assurance and actionable quality evaluations and feedback that keep agents engaged and drive ongoing performance improvement. 

Quality Assurance One-Pager

Mitigate risk while keeping your customers happy

Make quality count

Get more out of your quality assurance program by keeping your quality analysts and agents fully invested in their performance with gamification, recognition, and rewards.

Build for scale

Launch your program quickly and drive consistency with fully customizable forms and smart segmentation that assigns the right evaluations to the right agents.

Take immediate action

Leverage quality evaluations to deliver actionable coaching and recognition insights to supervisors in real-time, including AI-guided feedback recommendations to ensure coaching drives impact.

Optimize operations

Leverage insights from your quality assurance program to uncover common training and development needs, identify and address recurring customer issues, and minimize costly compliance penalties.


Deliver best-in-class customer experiences

Quality Management

Inspire agents to improve with Quality KPIs

Motivate agents to improve quality across the KPIs that matter most to your business with real-time visibility into quality scores and a gamified experience that challenges them to improve daily.

Simplify and improve quality monitoring consistency

Streamline QA processes and make scoring more consistent with clear guidelines, including parameters for automatic fail. Easily identify root causes (skills, behaviors, knowledge) to trigger effective follow up coaching and learning.

Quality Management
Quality Management

Empower supervisors with real-time quality insights

Bridge the gap between QA and coaching. Empower supervisors to provide agents effective and personalized feedback by leveraging quality data to identify coaching and recognition opportunities and enabling supervisors to take immediate action with connected coaching conversations and integrated coaching actions (launch an individual performance challenge, send a learning mission, or recognize improvement with a kudos or badge).

Keep quality analysts engaged with gamification

Make the job of quality assurance evaluators more fun and drive up their productivity by gamifying their experience and rewarding them for meeting quality monitoring goals.

Quality Management
Quality Management

Personalize and scale with dynamic, easy-to-build evaluation and coaching forms

Configure customizable quality assurance and coaching plans to support any channel (voice, digital), process and business need. Leverage smart segmentation to provide the right level and cadence of evaluations (based on tenure, past performance, knowledge gaps, past quality scores, etc.) and ensure feedback is always timely and relevant.

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Make quality part of your holistic frontline employee experience

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Make quality part of your holistic frontline employee experience

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