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“Centrical transformed a manual scorecard process into a real-time tracking mechanism used by trainers, managers, and, especially, employees, to track progress.”

Operations Lead, Leading Financial Services Company

What is MegAI?

When the employee experience is disconnected, and learning and coaching are transactional, performance suffers.

MegAI brings performance, learning, and coaching together, creating personalized and guided experiences for frontline employees and supervisors. This improves their knowledge, engagement, and performance and ultimately drives better customer experiences.

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Improve Knowledge Retention

Deliver personalized, bite-sized learning moments and recurring knowledge refresher quizzes to increase knowledge retention.

Drive Employee Performance

Give employees everything they need to achieve their goals and grow. Leverage performance data to trigger just-in-time learning and continuous AI-powered coaching.

Transform Supervisors into Coaches

Enable supervisors to provide the right support at the right time with AI-driven coaching insights and recommendations.

Combine AI with Gamification

Gamify your employee experience. Level up performance with points, badges, leaderboards, individual and team challenges, instant feedback, tangible rewards, and recognition.


Create personalized and guided experiences


Next Best Action

Give your employees actionable next steps in real-time. Provide continuous personalized recommended actions to keep employees focused on the right path for success.

Knowledge Boosts

Step in when it matters most. Trigger targeted microlearning activities to address individual knowledge and performance gaps while the opportunity is right.


Coaching Insights

Help supervisors save time identifying who to coach and recognize. Deliver guided and actionable coaching and recognition insights that empower frontline supervisors to support and celebrate their employees in the moment.


Promote social knowledge sharing and make it personal. Serve up peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, tips, and best practices based on individual preferences and knowledge and performance gaps.


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Coach to Win

Effective coaching is key to building highly engaged, high-performing teams. When done right, employees are motivated to perform well, empowered to achieve their goals, and overall, are more satisfied with their work. So how can you drive employee engagement and performance through effective coaching? Find out.

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