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Performance-driven learning, delivered in the flow of work.

“Employees engagement in the learning process is amazing”

Neomie Rothnie
Customer Care Manager, Payoneer

Modernize learning

Whether onboarding new hires, launching a product, responding to regulatory changes, or embarking on a cross-skilling initiative, when you boost proficiency levels and provide opportunities to grow, your people perform better and stay longer. The challenge?

Traditional learning methods are not engaging or effective. With Centrical, you can deliver training that drives measurable impact by making it hyper-relevant, timely, and uniquely yours.

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Learning, that sticks

Meet learners where they are

Boost proficiency and performance. Centrical AI assesses individual knowledge and performance gaps to trigger targeted microlearning that delivers real impact.

Make career progression a reality

Knowledge is power. Motivate your people to develop and grow and make upskilling easy with clear learning pathways and recognition and rewards along the way.

Say hello to agility

When priorities shift, flexibility is key. With Centrical you can easily share new information and certify your people to create quick alignment and enable your teams to adapt seamlessly.

Say goodbye to knowledge hoarding

Make learning social. Amplify influence of your top performers with peer-to-peer knowledge sharing to democratize learning, at scale.


A modern approach to employee growth and development


Learning in the flow of work

Deliver bite-sized learning moments that take minutes a day, to maximize engagement and application of training content.

Support every type of learner with multiple modalities, including video, interactive simulations, and quizzes.

Personalized learning

Deliver the right learning at the right moment. Centrical AI personalizes training content based on levels of proficiency and performance.

Recurring knowledge refresher quizzes test learners on key topics and information to drive better knowledge retention over time.



Make learning a habit by rewarding your people for engaging with training content and demonstrating proficiency.

Social knowledge sharing

Encourage people to share tips and best practices with Contributions. Views and upvotes equal more Gem Power!


LMS integration

Easily integrate with your LMS to drive better engagement across all learning content.

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