Make people better

Help your frontline build skills and boost performance with gamified, personalized microlearning delivered in the flow of work.

Proficiency powers performance in your frontline

Minimize distraction

Build up knowledge and skills without stopping work to create a culture of continuous learning.

Maximize results

Deliver hyper-relevant learning tied to actual performance data to maximize impact and ROI.

Drive engagement

Make learning exciting and addictive to ensure knowledge is sustained, retained, and applied.

Learn at the moment of need

Work doesn’t happen in the classroom. It happens in the field or at your employees’ workstations. Put your learning where your employees are. Centrical lets you create and deliver bite-sized learning moments that take  minutes a day, and can be absorbed in the flow of work to maximize engagement and application.

Learn at the moment of need

Make it personal

Impact learning and performance with Centrical’s automation engine and artificial intelligence. It uses data about employees’ actual knowledge levels, engagement, and performance to deliver relevant microlearning at the right time to the right employee in the right way.

Make it personal

Form good habits

Centrical makes learning a habit. Our microlearning is Integrated with gamification for intriguing narratives, surprise missions and friendly competitions. Employees are recognized and rewarded daily for engaging with learning and applying knowledge on the job for ever-improving performance.

Form good habits

Take knowledge to the next level

Deliver measurable impact with gamified microlearning delivered at the moment of need and in the flow of work.

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