Reduce employee attrition 

Foster tenure and career growth with a personalized and guided experience.  

Employee attrition can be avoided.  

See how Centrical can help ensure your employees feel connected to your brand and values, supported with personalized training and coaching, and excited to build their career for many years ahead.  

Fostering a productive workforce can result in: 


Improvement in sales performance


Reduction in call flow errors  


Increase in customer satisfaction 

How Centrical Reduces Employee Attrition: 

Empower Employees for Success  

Deliver personalized and guided onboarding experiences and ensure long term success with ongoing personalized knowledge refreshers and targeted coaching and support. 

Show that you care 

Keep the competitive spirit alive and motivation strong with dynamic leaderboards, individual and team competitions, milestone badges, instant feedback, tangible rewards, and recognition.  

Recognize and Reward Excellence  

Celebrate the big and little wins with peer and manager kudos, points, badges, leaderboards and tangible rewards.


Become an employer of choice

Retain top talent

Boost productivity and performance

“It’s fun to see how engaged my employees are. What Centrical has brought to what we already have as a strong culture – it enhances our culture of teamwork, that family feel, and is improving them as agents for our company”

Chief Operating Officer, ONQ

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