Reduce early attrition

Provide an engaging, personalized, and guided onboarding experience. 

On average, contact centers experience up to 50% attrition during onboarding costing $10-21K per agent.  

Avoid ‘job shock’.  

See how Centrical elevates the frontline agent onboarding experience so that from the start agents feel supported, welcomed, empowered, and heard.  

A strong onboarding experience can result in:


Higher retention


More productivity


Increased speed to proficiency  

How Centrical Improves Onboarding:

Personalized Learning Missions

Missions are built into structured learning paths where agents are guided to complete training in the right order from start to finish. As agents progress, they earn points and level up, keeping them motivated and engaged.    

Engaging Content

Learning is fun with interactive learning missions and custom role play simulations. Plus, AI-driven knowledge refresher quizzes address knowledge gaps. And learning content is quick to create with GenAI-powered content creation tools.

Visibility into Progress 

Agents can monitor their progress and knowledge success as they advance with learning KPIs. Completing learning activities improves their standing in the onboarding game and individual and group challenges keeping them laser focused to reach the finish line.  

Recognize and Reward  

From the moment they start, agents are hooked and inspired to complete missions, leveling up, receiving peer and manager recognition, and unlocking new courses and milestone badges. Once they graduate, they can redeem their coins in the virtual store for gift cards, swag, and non-monetary perks, like PTO.   

This is only the beginning. Experience Jen’s first day, week and month as a newly hired contact center agent who is onboarding through the Centrical platform.


Cut onboarding costs 

Increase training throughout 

Decrease fallout rates 

“Leveraging Centrical was so much easier to track completion and see who was actively participating during the onboarding process as well as the training. It was also easy to identify when/why someone was struggling with a particular step because we could see that it was a result of them not completing a mission.”

Maigen Morales, Hilton Customer Care Team

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