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Transform how frontline teams perform, coach, learn, and connect with a personalized experience, at scale. Get started today to see what Centrical can do for your business and your frontline teams.

Centrical for BPOs
  • Easily support a variety of clients KPIs with dynamic segmentation
  • Drive consistent performance by scaling operational best practices, such as coaching processes
  • Keep hybrid teams emotionally connected to minimize absenteeism
  • Improve agents knowledge and skills across clients with adaptive microlearning
Centrical for Contact Centers
  • Motivate agents to perform with gamification
  • Enhance onboarding and upskill agents with microlearning
  • Empower frontline managers to coach for success
  • Drive digital engagemente for your hybrid workforce
Centrical for Sales Teams
  • Increase revenue with real-time performance visibility
  • Drive target behaviors with competitions
  • Increase product knowledge with personalized microlearning
  • Celebrate success with digital rewards and recognition
Centrical for Field Teams
  • Engage new hires in the onboarding experience
  • Keep your field connected and motivated
  • Focus remote teams on the right goals
  • Increase proficiency with ongoing learning

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What our clients say

“I like the addition of Centrical to my day. It’s not only made keeping up with my performance numbers easier, but also helps keep things light and fun with the surprise games and activities.”
Lauren Simpson
“Centrical helped us motivate agents and it creates a feeling of healthy competition. All this enables our operations teams to achieve their KPI goals and meet and exceed client expectations.”
Jaime Parra
Project Manager, Teleperformance
“Using Centrical, we aligned salespeople with company objectives and showed how they would benefit. Our salespeople improved their new product sales because of Centrical’s positive motivation.”
Markus Leibundgut
Head of Sales, SwissLife Select

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