Sustain Business Continuity in Crisis

In this volatile business environment, keep everyone updated, efficient, and engaged using remote training, performance management, and easily accessible, cross-channel communications.

Keep calm and keep working remotely

People are isolated.

Keep them engaged.
Keep them informed.

Ensure everyone, everywhere is up to date with the most recent information and stays connected to their team.

Business is volatile.

Stay agile.
Maintain focus.

Rapidly transition employees to work from home or reskill to align with unforeseen changes in goals and workload.

Business doesn't stop.

Keep everyone on-course.
Stay on-top.

Sustain accountability, intrinsic drive, and continue coaching, training, and upskilling on any device, wherever your employees are.

Reduce anxiety and isolation

Times of crisis require an extra effort to communicate and keep everyone connected. Create an ongoing stream of communications that ensures employees don’t just click through updates, but read, acknowledge and apply them.

  • Send personalized, segmented, and classified updates on any device
  • Set daily goals with real-time tracking and achievement recognition
  • Enable real-time, bi-directional, closed-loop communications allowing managers to track voice-of-the-employee, performance issues, and gaps.
Reduce anxiety and isolation

Adapt to a rapidly changing world

Ready your workforce for a volatile business environment. Quickly reskill and transition employees to new roles. Shift employee focus to new goals. Enable team leaders to connect and manage with employees anytime, anywhere.

  • Create fast-track, on-the-job retraining programs
  • Adjust employee goals and KPIs on the fly
  • Create short-term challenges and opportunities for rewards
Adapt to a rapidly changing world

Don't stop doing what needs to get done

Speed-up or transition in-class onboarding to remote digital training and provide employees with continuous visibility on their performance and goals. Centrical comes with all you need during a crisis to minimize business disruption.

  • Ensure knowledge retention with AI-optimized microlearning
  • Keep employees on target with real-time performance tracking
  • Adapt and shorten training plans with personalized, structured or unstructured, mobile-friendly, gamified learning tools
Don't stop doing what needs to get done

Keep business as usual in unusual times

Communicate, connect, and adapt your employees and managers to sustain performance and learning

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