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It’s all about CSAT during a crisis

In times of crisis, your client's patience is worn thin. Dissatisfy them and you'll lose them. This eBook reviews the KPIs you must be focused on, now more than ever to ensure a high CSAT during the crisis.

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By: Geoff Smith, CMO, Centrical

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Now, more than ever, save your customers’ time. And you could save them as customers.

 Normally you focus on increasing productivity and efficiency – to contain or cut operating costs of your contact centerBut now is not a normal time. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. What matters most now is respecting customers’ time and delivering satisfying experiences in the process 

This eBook will explain the KPIs you need to focus on to get and keep CSAT high while managing your contact center through this difficult time.  

Download the eBook now to learn about: 

  • The 6 KPIs that indicate customer satisfaction issues 
  • Which KPIs work best for your contact center 
  • Ways to improve workforce efficiency 
  • Steps to optimize center performance and deliver great customer experiences 





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