Don't leave your employees home alone

Keep your work from home employees and managers productive with advanced tools for remote performance management, employee coaching, training, and engagement.

Out of site, shouldn’t mean out of control

Always agile

Ensure everyone, everywhere, always is up to date with the most recent information to maximize sales, deliver seamless service and avoid breakdowns in your operations.

Always effective

Get every employee aligned. Everywhere. Set, track, and automatically adapt performance targets so that every employee knows exactly whats expected from them, when, and how to do it.

Always on-top

Give your line-managers instant insight on each employees' performance. Ensure they act on the information and coach their teams to improve productivity and always hit their goals.

Always engaged

Keep employees excited and emotionally invested with your company, your culture, and their team. Build a real connection that ensures employees are retained longer and doing their best.

Keep employees everywhere up to date and aligned

Keep employees everywhere proficient and up to date on your latest products and processes with advanced training and communication tools. Ensure your organization stays agile and reacts quickly to change with easy to deploy microlearning reskilling programs, cross-channel notifications, and out of the box analytics tools to track compliance and knowledge level.

Keep employees everywhere up to date and aligned

Sustain effectiveness and efficiency everywhere

Keep each employee on-track, always, with real-time visibility on their personal performance KPIs, instant feedback, and guidance. Automatically update employee goals based on their performance, and activities or organizational need. Keep line-managers efficient and focused on coaching with AI-driven insights, prompts, and easy to apply suggested actions.

Sustain effectiveness and efficiency everywhere

Build and sustain and emotional connection

Don’t lose the connection with your remote employees. Keep everyone engaged with fun, advanced gamification mechanisms. Promote team spirit and collaboration with virtual kudos and fist-bumps. Show recognition for the right behaviors with points badges and prizes ensuring everyone always feels connected and striving to do their best.

Build and sustain and emotional connection
"With Centrical, we’re able to get our channel partners to engage more, learn more, and perform better"
Fredric Garnier Digital Partner Experience Manager | HP
50X Higher completion rate for learning modules
31% of channel employees engage with training twice/week

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