6 keys to outstanding performance

when employees ‘return’ to the office

As the restrictions to help keep you and your employees safe and healthy are being lifted, a new set of challenges arise in terms of employee engagement and performance management during the return to the onsite work.

To help you understand those challenges and deal with them effectively, Centrical has developed the eBook “6 keys to achieving outstanding performance when your employees ‘return’ to the office” in collaboration with Dr. Eyal Ronen, an award-winning organizational psychologist and Co-Founder of SenseMakers, a global consultancy that works from the C-suite to the frontline to transform organizations.

In the eBook you’ll learn what you need to know and do for your employees when they come back from quarantine. Specifically:

  • How to get employees properly aligned on strategy
  • How to get and sustain employee engagement
  • How to deal with the insecurities created by workplace flexibility
  • How to recognize anxiety and post-trauma effect among employees
  • How to renegotiate the “unspoken agreement” with employees
  • How to future-proof your organization

Download the eBook today and ensure your return to the workplace is a success.

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