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Comdata's consistent process
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Comdata operates 110+ contact centers in 22 countries. It wanted goals managed and tracked centrally while still personalized to fit different teams and locations. Using Centrical for centralized performance management mixed with gamification and microlearning helped Comdata achieve impressive results.

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18% Higher sales revenue
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12% More average sales per hour
"Centrical makes employees feel accountable and try harder to do good work."

Comdata finds consistent process yields consistently higher sales

Comdata’s units did not have a unified employee performance management approach. This meant an absence of consistency, wasted time, and uneven employee performance. The company wanted a standardized approach that would let them achieve stronger individual results.

It ran Centrical pilots with French and Italian telesales departments with their own KPIs. Integrated with pilot-specific content were quizzes, simulations, and fun content, released 2-3 times a week. Competitive challenges were also incorporated to focus employees on specific activities as well as to foster enthusiasm.

Average sales per hour per agent increased 12%. Average revenue per sale rose 18%. Improvement was so significant, Comdata chose to expand use of Centrical to all front-end customer service agents. A rise from 400 users to 3,500+, easily handled due to Centrical’s scalability.

Along with more sales and better service, Centrical helped Comdata reduce the new hire learning curve and the need for additional ongoing training hours.


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