Keep employees engaged & connected during COVID-19

Centrical Connect offers cross-channel communications, recognition and engagement mechanisms as well as easy to deploy remote reskilling programs.

Go live in under a week with everything needed to weather the storm

are isolated.

Keep them engaged.
Keep them unified.

Ensure everyone feels connected with the company, their managers, and their teams and stays engaged and accountable.

is volatile.

Stay agile.
Maintain focus.

Rapidly transition employees to work from home or reskill to align with unforeseen changes in goals and workload.

Lines of communication
are broken.

Keep everyone connected.
Keep everyone updated.

Keep everyone aligned with personalized, frequent, predictable updates on any device, wherever your employees are.

Reduce anxiety and sustain team spirit

Sustain motivation. Avoid absenteeism and apathy
Inspire and show recognition with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards

Keep employees connected to their team and to the company
Connect with peers through social boards, team challenges, and social recognition

Identify issues before they become a problem
Enable bi-directional communications and run pulse surveys

Reduce anxiety and sustain team spirit

Stay agile and roll with the punches

Adapt to rapid changes in workload
Reskill with quick training modules that are accessible anywhere

Create agility in your workforce
Upskill employees on the job to accommodate flexible responsibilities

Speed up onboarding and transition to remote work
Create mobile, agile, and rapid onboarding programs and learning missions

Stay agile and roll with the punches

Create alignment through continuous communications

Cut through information overload
Send impactful situational updates and guidance from management or health and safety officials – and follow it up

Create alignment with employees no matter where they are
Enable bi-directional, real-time communications with colleagues, teams, and managers. Send personalized and classified updates across any device

Keep employees managed even when their managers are remote
Help team leaders guide and coach employees remotely with daily stand-ups and intuitive evaluation tools

Create alignment through continuous communications

Keep business as usual in unusual times

Go-live in one week. No Set-up fees. Dedicated Centrical experts; Secured and certified: ISO - 27001, SOC- 2, GDPR

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