How 7 top companies drive performance in their frontline

Employees who interact with your customers on a regular basis can represent as much as 80% of business’ headcount. Those who direct them may account for 60% of management. Collectively, they’re your frontline employees. Research has found the way they’re managed can spell the difference between your company being a low-performing organization and one that excels on an ongoing basis. These employees are the face of your business. If customers don’t find the service offered by that face is friendly, 60% of respondents will go elsewhere.

A recent analysis by RedThread Research, surveying hundreds of employees and managers in leading organizations, identified 7 practices that serve as the foundation for a performance-driven culture; one marked by a higher and sustained level of employee engagement and organizational performance. In this eBook, we review the results of this research and provide examples from leading organizations that employ these practices daily to turn employees into empowered, loyal, customer-centric brand ambassadors.

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  • What high-performers do to empower their frontline.
  • Examples from companies that implement the 7 practices.
  • Immediate steps you can take to put these practices into use today.
  • What results you can expect with a performance-driven culture

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