Boost employee performance

Get everyone trained, aligned and engaged at the same level to maximize each employees’ productivity.

Get more through a better workforce

Boost engagement

Intrinsically motivate and activate your multi-generational workforce to do their best.

Ensure focus

Drive employees to focus on higher value tasks helping them perform more efficiently and effectively.

Get back time

Enhance your managers’ ability to coach, recognize and support their teams so that they always deliver.

Move the middle

Get EVERYONE in your workforce equally motivated to excel and learn. Centrical lets you offer each employee personalized goals and training. Then, it uses the same mechanics that keep us excited in games, such as narrative progression, status symbols and missions to keep employees intrinsically engaged and on top of their game.

Move the middle

Get to process perfect

Get everyone aligned on the right goals and the right paths to achieving them. Provide employees with a personal dashboard for tracking performance KPIs, fed by real-time data. Then set goals and offer incentives based on the activities and processes that drive success, such as following up on customers quickly, offering bundled products or updating client records.

Get to process perfect

Enhance managers with AI

Centrical uses AI and automation to enhance your managers’ capabilities. Centrical suggests learning content or recommends actions based on your employees’ real-time performance data. Then, it automatically delivers relevant feedback or recognition to either fix performance gaps or celebrate success. For managers, it’s like having a virtual assistant coach.

Enhance managers with AI
Employees feel accountable and try harder to do good work.
Dr. Nicolla Benedetto Head of Services, Processes and Engineering | Comdata Group

With Centrical, Comdata creates a consistent process that consistently delivers high sales performance 

12% More sales per hour per agent
18% Higher average revenue per sale

Unleash the full potential of your workforce

Real-time data for right-now coaching plus effective engagement equals productive employees.

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