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Frontline Workers: Creating a Performance-Driven Culture

A performance-driven culture is what sets the most successful organizations apart from the rest. In this new study Redthread Research reviews its findings from a survey of 623 respondents. It uncovers the makings of a performance driven culture. Read to learn how to reduce turnover, re-skill faster and empower your employees to deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

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By: Karina Freitag and Dani Johnson, Redthread Research

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Managing frontline employee performance -


Frontline employees answer your service call when your internet connection breaks down, help you make a choice at your local electronics store or discuss a home equity loan at your bank. Often referred to as easily replaceable, these employees have the power to make or break your business. With markets becoming more and more commoditized, customer experience has become the new battle ground for differentiation and frontline employees are well… at the frontline. As their name suggests, these employees are at the forefront of your customer experience. Their level of proficiency, efficiency and engagement, will have direct impact on how clients perceive your business.

When it comes to their frontline workforce, companies face 3 main challenges – high turnover, a requirement for continuous reskilling, and the need to empower employees to best serve customers and make quick decisions on their own. In this study Redthread Research, a prominent analyst firm focused employee performance management, people analytics, and L&D, provides insights into the differences in frontline worker’s perception of performance management. The research offers best practices from high-performing organizations in how to overcome those challenges and create a culture of excellence in your frontline. Centrical is proud to be a key sponsor in this research.

Read to learn:

  • How to engage, upskill and empower frontline employees
  • Why frontline employee performance management is different
  • What the world’s best companies are doing to create a culture of high-performance

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