About fighting and babies.

Note: I have been a kung fu teacher for over a decade, practiced MMA for years and enjoy the occasional kickboxing session as well. I wrote this on request of a female student, for the lack of information on the internet.

So, you are a female kung fu practitioner, a kickboxer or karateka - and you got pregnant. Now what? Do pregnancy and martial arts mix? Is it even possible to continue any training?

The best advice is to be careful - but don't overdo it. From the stone age to now, there have been billions of women that were pregnant under way harsher conditions than you are now. So, you are still perfectly capable, but fighting might not be your best bet for you and your child to stay healthy. However, to continue some form of training has many benefits over stopping altogether. Remaining fit will substantially decrease the discomfort of pregnancy, delivery and recovery.

Now, on to the work-out.

What you can't do

What you can do

After giving birth

Let's assume you didn't have a Caesarean. In that case, you could take up gentle work-outs within a couple of days, including sit-ups.

Final note

If you stick to these guidelines, you should be fine - but remember, this is only an advice. Every body is different and you are the expert. Listen to your body and take it easy.