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SwissLife boosts insurance sales with no new incentives

SwissLife Select, one of Europe’s largest insurance companies has a long history of innovation. The number of financial products it offers is continuously growing. Creating new products is one thing. Getting employees out of their comfort zone, so that they start selling them, is a whole different story. The company partnered with Centrical to resolve this. The results were phenomenal.

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10.4% More sales per agent
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45% Higher sales for new products
"Using Centrical, we aligned salespeople with company objectives without any change to their compensation plan"

Creating a cultural transformation with motivation

SwissLife Select, one of Europe’s largest insurance companies, has a long history of innovation, a reflection of an ever-growing number of financial products it offers. However, its consultants were disinclined to sell “first-time” products, preferring to sell familiar items that hampered the company’s ability to achieve strategic and revenue objectives.

After several failed attempts to transform selling behaviors, the company partnered with Centrical to effect a cultural change that would increase performance. On their mobile app, consultants were offered personalized dynamic goals and could track their performance in real-time. They were offered exciting challenges and motivated to compete with colleagues at their level. The result was an impact across the board. Mid-performers were motivated to sell more and from a wider product portfolio. This set a higher bar for top performers who, feeling new competitive pressure, increased their sales performance by 30%. Overall, for the company, this resulted in 3x higher quota attainment and increased overall sales by 10.4%. To read the full story, and see how they did it, download the PDF.

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