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Automatically create high-impact microlearning

Launching a new product or cross-skilling initiative? Onboarding new hires? Responding to regulatory changes? Let’s make it easy together. Use the power of generative AI to instantly create microlearning content, including content summaries and knowledge check quizzes.


Increase proficiency

Don’t waste time developing content to communicate changes or train your team. Let AI Microlearning do the hard part for you

Save time

Simplify content creation for your learning and enablement teams, so content is always fresh and up to date


Democratize content creation by empowering more teams to create content 


Drive more impact for your organization by leveraging AI Microlearning and additional capabilities in Centrical to personalize learning

Gal Rimon
Founder & CEO, Centrical

“Within weeks of ChatGPT launching globally, we are proud to bring a fully integrated generative AI function with AI Microlearning. It not only will enable traditional content creators to produce content more efficiently and consistently but will empower anyone within the organization to easily create learning content.”

It’s like magic!

What is MegAI?

MegAI creates personalized and guided experiences for frontline employees and their supervisors to improve their knowledge, engagement, and performance. In addition to auto-generating content, MegAI powers the following capabilities in Centrical:

  • Next Best Action
  • Knowledge Boosts
  • Real-Time Performance, Coaching, and Recognition Insights
  • Contributions (Social Knowledge Sharing)

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Take knowledge to the next level

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