Why do most gamification programs fail?

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The 2024 Guide to Gamification

Gamification is more than a buzzword – it is a solid strategy that boosts employee...

Frontline Manager Experience Cheat Sheet

A great employee experience shouldn’t stop with agents.   Managers are employees, too! 

Game Over – Why most gamification programs fail?

Why 80% of gamification projects fail…and the secret to winning

Pre-Boarding Cheat Sheet

While first-day ghosting is considered a widespread problem, it is not a problem, per se;...

The Definitive Guide to the Employee Performance Experience

 In this guide, we’ll dive into some of the basics and the “why” behind performance...

2023 Guide to Modernizing Quality Management in the Contact Center

Quality management processes identify and address factors impacting contact center and BPO metrics such as...

18 Critical Debt Collection KPIs and How to Meet Them

Since 2019, consumer debt has vastly increased – as has the number of debtors. This...

Attrition in the Contact Center: Trends in Combatting Employee Turnover

BPOs and enterprise contact centers see high turnover, and an equally high cost with business...

How to Be a Great Operations Leader in 2023

Today’s operations leaders must take a modern approach to successfully lead tomorrow’s frontline teams.

Drive transformation with gamification

Supercharge employee engagement by giving your workforce daily reasons to get excited

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