Engage employees -
Boost your business

Make employees passionate about their work with clear goals and paths to success, real-time feedback, focused coaching, and instant recognition.

A positive employee experience has a direct business impact

Higher performance

Get employees to LOVE their job and they’ll perform better to deliver better results and a better customer experience.

Lower Turnover

Emotionally connect employees to your company for better retention and less hiring and training costs.

Greater opportunity

Show employees clearer career paths to pursue and more ways to develop within your organization.

Get employees excited to work

Be real with your employees. Set attainable goals based on real performance. Show continuously updated paths to success. And use real-time data to help managers deliver coaching that’s relevant and actionable by employees. Put it in an always on, fun, intuitive environment and watch the excitement build.

Get employees excited to work

Maximize ROI on every employee

Three things impact employee value – how quickly they become productive, their efficiency on the job and how long you retain them. Centrical optimizes all three:

  1. Speed-up and sustain proficiency with personalized microlearning;

  2. Drive productivity with real-time performance management: and,

  3. Create a culture of ongoing engagement and feedback with advanced gamification.

An all-in-one holistic approach for maximizing employee lifetime value.

Maximize ROI on every employee

Tie career-pathing to performance

Employees who see a clear path to success are more likely to stay on and do their best. With Centrical, an employee’s career path is always clear, visualized and driven by unbiased data. Using their dashboards, employees can see personal goals based on their performance and track how every activity they do gets them on track, earns them recognition, and advances their career to the next level.

Tie career-pathing to performance
"In a very real way, this platform enabled agents by motivating them at a personal level to do more, do better, make changes, and grow."
DEE NILLES Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

With Centrical, Microsoft empowers thousands of employees worldwide to feel more engaged and accountable.

17% Higher employee retention rate
12% Reduction in absenteeism rates

Engaged employees perform best

Higher productivity, stronger business performance, and more loyal customers come with an exceptional employee experience

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