Create a culture of continuous learning

Make learning relevant, impactful and fun using AI-driven, adaptive microlearning and gamification.

There’s value in having the mindset of ongoing onboarding

Drive proficiency

Get employees engaged and excited about learning, building skills, and retaining knowledge.

Learn right - for now

Use data to offer the right learning at the right time to the right employees for maximum business impact.

Learning always

Deliver bite-sized learning that can be consumed in minutes a day so any time is a good time to learn.

Turn learning into habit

With Centrical, employees don’t just learn – they participate in knowledge competitions, complete missions, collect points, earn badges, and pass levels. Every learning activity is an opportunity to gain recognition and rewards or share success and knowledge with your team via social boards and notifications. Celebrate learning daily with Centrical – turning it into your organizational culture.

Turn learning into habit

The right learning at the right time

Don’t let data go to waste – use it to make learning personal and hyper-relevant. Centrical seamlessly integrates with all your organizational systems and uses their data in real-time to suggest the most relevant learning activities and performance support for every employee. Then, use Centrical’s intuitive analytics to measure the performance impact and engagement levels with your learning programs to continuously optimize their ROI.

The right learning at the right time

Learning in the flow of everything

Provide learning where and when your employees are. Centrical’s Microlearning authoring tools enable you to create modular, bite-sized learning activities that your employees can consume in minutes a day. Combined with the platform’s AI-assisted automation engine, Centrical ensures that employees always get the most relevant learning in the flow of work — on breaks, in-between calls, or on the go.

Learning in the flow of everything
“Employee engagement in the learning process is amazing. The company is definitely one of a kind in the dedication it brings to its customers.”
NEOMIE ROTHNIE Development & QA Manager - Customer Care, Payoneer

With Centrical, Payoneer reduces risk and ensures compliance for hundreds of financial service employees worldwide:

96% Completion rate on daily learning activities
90% Average on post-learning assessment scores

Continuous learning yields continuous improvement

Make learning adaptive, engaging hyper relevant and bite-sized with gamified microlearning powered by AI

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