Salesforce gamification

Use competitions, challenges and rewards to boost sales performance, knowledge and CRM adoption.

Empower your salesforce with gamification and coaching

Replicate success

Get your sales teams to adopt the activities, behaviors, and processes that win deals using instant recognition and feedback.

Get Smart

Improve data hygiene and Salesforce adoption to eliminate bias and help team managers make data-driven decisions.

Coach to win

Ensure your sellers are proficient and up to date with gamified microlearning moments delivered in the flow of work.

Sustain motivation. Sustain process. Sustain success.

Harness your sellers built in competitiveness to motivate the adoption of winning sales behaviors. Reward employees points or badges based on anything from how quickly they follow-up on prospects to how often they cross sell products. Then, use Centrical’s Salesforce gamification to offer employees personal challenges or start friendly, team and head-to-head competitions to ensure your sales teams always hits its quotas.

Sustain motivation. Sustain process. Sustain success.

Fully integrated for impact

Motivate your sellers with competitions and rewards, provide them with training and enable them to track goals right within their Salesforce window. With Centrical’s Salesforce gamification you can award points, set up competitions and challenges or trigger learning based on any activity from following up on prospects to keeping field records clean and your decisions data-driven.

Fully integrated for impact

Smarter selling and coaching

When salespeople know more they sell more. That’s why Centrical blends personalized microlearning and real-time sales performance management with its advanced gamification. Our AI-enhanced platform automatically identifies where sellers are lagging and where they need help. It then prompts both them and their team leaders with training and coaching suggestions that will ensure everyone is always up to date and performing at their peak.

Smarter selling and coaching

Supercharge your Salesforce

Engage and empower your sales teams to crush their quotas on a daily basis.

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