Contact Center Gamification

Sustainably Engage and excite your agents to do more, do better, learn and grow.

Deliver daily experiences that make your agents great

Sustain engagement

Reduce absenteeism and turnover by offering every agent daily opportunities to get recognized and rewarded.

Increase Accountability

Improve CSAT, handle times and quality by providing employees real-time always-on visibility on their goals and performance

Make learning happen

Boost your agents’ proficiency and drive better adoption of tools and processes by making learning exciting and rewarding.

Go beyond cash incentives

Contact center agents are not coin operated machines. Centrical’s contact center gamification connects your agents emotionally to their team and role, giving them daily reasons to get excited. Agents don’t just complete calls, submit forms or log AUX codes. They gain points, pass levels and unlock missions on a continuous quest to unleash their full potential.

Go beyond cash incentives

Focus on what’s important - now

Almost every agent’s activity is monitored and measured. Centrical’s call center gamification uses this data in real-time to get your agents more engaged, focused and accountable.On their gamified dashboard, agents will see how every activity gets them closer towards their targets, helps their team win challenges and takes their career to the next level


Focus on what’s important - now

Power performance with knowledge

The more your agents know the more confident and capable they’ll be answering clients. Centrical’s contact center gamification offers fun and continuous gamified learning. Ensure knowledge is retained and applied with simulations and microlearning sessions delivered in the flow of work. Then reward learning with instant feedback and even more opportunities to win points and rewards.

Power performance with knowledge
"In a very real way, this platform enabled agents by motivating them at a personal level to do more, do better, make changes, and grow."
DEE NILLES Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft

With Centrical, Microsoft’s call center employees are giving it all they got:

10% Increase in productivity*
17% lower employee turnover
* 2 more calls per agent per shift on average

Transformation through call center gamification

Supercharge agent engagement by giving your workforce daily doses of fun and excitement.

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