Engage, align and train employees inside Microsoft Teams

Enhance Teams with advanced gamification, real-time performance management, and personalized microlearning delivered in a natural language interface.

Put everything your employees need to succeed right inside Teams

Drive engagement

Motivate more collaboration, more learning, and more accountability by adding advanced game mechanics built inside Teams.

Drive knowledge

Keep employees proficient on products, services, and processes with personalized microlearning delivered in the flow of work.

Drive performance

Ensure employees are laser-focused with relevant feedback, coaching and real-time visibility on goals and performance inside Teams.

Make Teams work exciting

Recognize employees for hitting targets, learning, posting and collaborating with their team. With Centrical for Teams, you can reward employees with points, prizes, and badges for their activities. Centrical offers multiple advanced game and recognition mechanisms, turning your employees’ day to day into an exciting, progressing game narrative that makes everyone a hero

Make Teams work exciting

Continue learning in Teams

Centrical for Teams ensures your employees always stay updated and proficient. It offers personalized microlearning that can be pushed into any Team channel or chat. Behind the scenes, Centrical creates a robust personal profile for each employee and personalizes the learning stream to their needs. Centrical’s bot delivers the learning items in a natural language interface that makes every employee feel like they have their own personal trainer helping them achieve their best.

Continue learning in Teams

Motivate performance in Teams

Keep employees on target and productive. Centrical for Teams brings goals and performance tracking into team channels and chat. Set targets for your employees on sales, service, compliance or any other metric and provide them with real-time visibility on their personal performance. Managers can also track their teams’ results and offer instant feedback and recognition or suggest training to ensure their team always get results.

Motivate performance in Teams

Unleash your Teams full potential

Transform employee engagement, performance and learning all in one platform

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