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A Conversation with Gal Rimon, Centrical Founder and CEO

Leadership and Employee Engagement Insights

Centrical Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gal Rimon joins 20 Minute Leaders, hosted by Michael Matias, for an in-depth conversation about employee engagement and how companies can put employees at the center of their success — and why this is imperative today.

Gal talks about his experience as a leader and what inspired him to create Centrical. Major global brands such as Microsoft, Swiss Life, BT, and many more companies across industries and geographies have teamed with Centrical to apply its leading employee-success platform to drive employee engagement.

Watch the video and learn about:

  • Personalizing the employee experience
  • Ensuring employee goals are aligned with business objectives
  • Improving performance with the right benchmarks
  • Making everyone, all employees, heroes in their own game
  • Attracting and retaining the “new employee”
  • Inspiring positive performance through kudos
  • And more …

Want to learn more about employee engagement? Download Centrical’s latest ebook, The Great Re-Engagement, A 360-Degree Look at Work Reimagined.

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